C# api for Moneybird

C# api for Moneybird

Published by: Jan Kolk on: vrijdag 23 december 2016

Why Moneysharp was created

We created a Moneybird connector for our own projects because there was no .NET package for Moneybird and we needed one. After creating the connector we thought "Why not share it with the rest of the world".

Support for Moneysharp

Moneysharp supports the basic functions of Moneybird for the following resources: Contacts, SalesInvoice and RecurringSalesInvoice. The CRUD operations are supported for these resources.
If you want to contribute, the code is available on GitHub.

We created a nuget package that is now available on nuget.org. The nuget package supports the frameworks .NET 4.0 or higher and .NET Standaard 1.1 or higher.

For our own development we use the SOLID principles. As dependency injection framework we use Simple Injector so we created a package Moneysharp.SimpleInjector to register the Moneysharp components.

How to use Moneysharp

var container = new Container();

           .ApplySettings(c =>
                            c.AdministrationId = "administrationId from Moneybird";
                            c.Token = "api token from Moneybird";
                            c.Url = "https://moneybird.com";
                            c.Version = "v2";

The packages are available on nuget.org

The code is available on GitHub. Pull request are welcome!

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